Garage Makeover Series – Garage Floor Tutorial

by Julie

Hello everyone!

Okay! I have a lot of details to share on how I refinished the garage floors. Are you ready for a long read and lots of pictures? Get comfy and let’s get this tutorial started!

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Before starting any garage floor makeover, the garage must be cleared of everything. Yes, I know this is obvious, but I am saying it anyway. 😉 Depending on the size of your garage, how much space you wish to tackle at once, and how much stuff is inside your garage, you may want to rent a onsite storage pod to store your garage belongings. That is if you have no where else to place garage items. However, you can refinish the garage floors in sections. For instance, I have a three car garage and decided to refinish two of the three garage floors, first. After going through everything in all three garages, I was able to consolidate all leftover items into one garage. This left me with two garages ready for a makeover.

After the garage is empty, cleaning the floors is a must. I can not stress how important it is to clean and prep the garage floor before any painting takes place. Prep work is key to having the epoxy paint stick.

The garage floors were covered with saw dust, dirt, and over spray and needed a good vacuum. If you do not have a shop vac, a good thorough sweeping of the garage will suffice.

Using a shop vac to clean up saw dust, over spray and dirt.

Once I was done vacuuming, an inspection of the concrete was in order. I was looking for any cracks on the surface, as well within the contraction joints (see image below). There was no cracking on the surface of the concrete, but the seams (contraction joints) had some separation. I knew I would need to caulk the seams with concrete caulk. To my surprise, I found some caulk that is self leveling.

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