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Frequently Asked Garage Door Questions-Answered

McDonough Garage Door Spring RepairMost homeowners are unaware of what to do or what to look for when they need a new garage door or are replacing an existing garage door. The one thing that they will need to consider is the cost of the door and their budget. Trying to figure out the cost associated with having a new garage door installed isn’t always the easiest or the most fun but it is necessary to do when you are having a garage door installed. Garage door expenses will vary considerably.

You might be able to spend only a couple hundred dollars on a basic door up to thousands of dollars on a high-end garage door that is expertly installed. If you have an existing garage door, replacing it may be a good investment move. This is one of the single things that you can do to your home to add value to your home; installing a new garage door. Even if you have an inexpensive door installed due to your budget, you can add certain features to make it look more expensive than it actually is. If you’re thinking about getting a new garage door, here are a couple of things that you might want to consider:

Do You Need a New Garage Door?

This is an easy question for someone who has a door that has rotted, one that has been banged up so much that the door will no longer run along the tracks or the door is simply falling apart. However, if it isn’t that obvious, there may be a chance that there are some small things that you can do to maintain your existing door. At McDonough Garage Door Repair, we always suggest that you have annual garage door repairs performed on your garage door.

When you have routine maintenance performed, you prolong the need to replace your garage door. There are some general things that can be done to help protect the condition of your garage door. Consult with a garage door service professional about things you can do to help maintain the condition of your garage door. If it is the appearance of your door that has you thinking about buying another door, think again. With a little paint and some changes to your door’s hardware, you can have a door that looks like new in no time.

What Type of Garage Door Should I Buy?

One of the biggest factors to consider when buying a new garage door is its material. The material is what will significantly change the cost of the door. The steel door is the most popular door installed because of it is low-cost, durable and offers low maintenance. However, you should know that the steel door doesn’t offer good insulation and are made of thin panels, which will not hold up to extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, it is the wood door that is amongst the most expensive because of the way they look and the way they are constructed. They are more costly but rightly so considering the level of craftsmanship needed to design them. They are also good for insulation purposes.

What Expenses Can I Expect?

This is a logical question, especially since it is important to count the cost before taking on this expense. Expenses involve more than just the cost of buying a garage door. When you are replacing a garage door, you must consider that the tracks will also need to be replaced. This is definitely something that should be included in your estimate. If it isn’t, then make sure you ask them to include this fee in the written estimate. Since the prices of having a new garage door will vary because of certain factors, it is best to discuss what you are looking for with several different services.

The estimate that they provide for you will give you an idea of what expenses you can expect to pay for no matter which service provider you use. You will need to make sure that the price they quote you is the same price that is found on the estimate. Many people ignore the written estimate and only focus on what was quoted to them. It is hard for you to dispute the written estimate after the work has been completed. This is why it is very important to pay close attention to the written estimate.

Should I Install My Garage Door?

Your garage door is the largest piece of equipment in your home. It also has moving parts that can become dangerous if they are not handled properly. While you might assume it will be more cost-effective, it is usually far more expensive when you attempt to handle the job on your own. The problem is that when you are not a trained professional, you run into problems and have to buy some of the same things over again. This is counter-productive if you are doing it so that you can save money. It is best to allow a qualified, experienced garage door service technician.

Should I Replace the Opener?

As long as your garage door opener is not the reason you are having a new garage door installed, you should be fine continuing to use the same garage door opener. The only time you wouldn’t be able to use the same opener is if you buy a new door that is heavier than your existing door. If you want to be sure that you can continue using the same garage door opener, purchase a lightweight door. This will also help you save money and keep your expenses to a minimum.

If you need a new garage door, take the necessary time to make sure that what you are buying is really going to suit your needs. There is nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on something this is useless. Everyone wants to get their money’s worth and surely you can if you take your time to do your research.


McDonough Garage Door Opener InstallationIf your garage doubles as a shop, game room, or office, then you ought to have an insulated garage door for your home. When your garage is properly insulated, you’ll achieve the benefit of maximized thermal efficiency with optimal air infiltration reduction. No matter what the weather is outside, a well-insulated garage will give you a workable garage space inside all year round, providing superior comfort. You’ll keep as much cold out as possible during winter, and as much heat out as possible during summer.

Cold Weather Protection

Should the temperature ever drop to below freezing, if you have winterized your garage, you’ll save money and time overall.

Insulate your garage walls. For correct installation of insulation in your garage, carefully study the installation guide, and be sure you select the appropriate insulation thickness for your garage’s walls. Some typical mistakes people make are: not securely fastening the batt insulation, cutting it too long or too short for the location, or not supporting it properly. Keep in mind that insulation must fit snugly; nevertheless, don’t jam it in too tightly.

Insulate your garage. If the garage interior were ever to grow too cold, it would damage not only your vehicle, but also anything you keep in storage there. Are your washer and dryer in the garage? In freezing temperatures, if you have a washing machine with any water left in the lines or the pump, it can freeze and crack. The same risk is possible with your vehicle’s fuel gels, which can freeze inside the combustion engine. Another problem that can come up is that paint can separate and become ruined in a prolonged stretch of freezing temperatures.

Insulate the garage door. A great variety of products is available for insulating your garage door, including a kit specifically designed for doing so. The options for successful insulation include foam board, reflective barriers, and Fiberglass batt insulation.

Regardless of which option you decide on, first you’ll have to cut the insulation to fill the garage door panels. Next, fasten them with adhesive and make sure each remains fixed in place. If your garage door is not the type with recessed panels, the entire project will become easier.

For most folks, insulating your garage by yourself is too overwhelming a task. If it all seems too much of a bother, then your best bet will be to hire a professional to install a modern-designed insulated garage door for you. If you are located any place in McDonough, Georgia, consider hiring a trusty expert from a reputable garage door company such as McDonough Garage Door Repair.

Repair or replace the weatherstripping. This will create a very effective seal between the garage door and the garage door opening. If you feel a cold draft leaking into the garage between the frame and the door, then remove any of the existing weatherstripping if it’s cracked or brittle. Take off any residual sealant with a pry bar and putty knife or flat scraper. Make the surface as clean and smooth as you possibly can. After you remove the old weatherstripping completely, measure so you can apply the new weatherstripping. To align it, close the garage door and make sure the rubber flap flattens slightly against it. You’ll have a good seal and the garage door will operate without any trouble.

Install a unit heater in the garage. Insulation and weatherstripping effectively guard your garage from extreme winter weather; but if you’d like to be extraordinarily toasty, you can add a unit heater. (On the other hand, if you have only mild winters, then rather than insulation or weatherstripping, an electric unit heater is probably all you’ll need, since you’ll want heat only once in awhile.) This is a great way to heat your garage with nominal cost and space requirements. Gas-fired units are generally cheaper to operate overall, but they’re more difficult to install since they require exhaust venting and a gas supply. An electric model, is easier to install, but more expensive to operate. A good electric choice is the mini-split heat pump, which provides remarkably efficient heating and cooling for your garage with only a 3″ hole through an exterior wall.

Hot Weather Protection

In the summer months, the main goal is to increase the airflow in your garage. The following measures are worth considering:

Wall insulation keeps out summer heat economically. Use wallboard or other paneling to encapsulate the material. You’ll prevent teenagers, toddlers, and pets from tearing things out.

Leave the garage door slightly open, about a foot from the ground, and add a fan.

Attach an adjustable rollaway awning onto the sunny side of the garage. You’ll be creating shade to cool things off.

Insulate the garage ceiling. If you use paper-backed batt insulation, ceiling wallboard isn’t required. Install the insulation using staples, paper side down, or keep the insulation in place with netting. You can also use staples to fasten the netting. Experts advise that you do both.

Plant a tree nearby. A hardwood or deciduous tree is an affordable and aesthetic way to cool your garage in summer. (It will even keep the garage warm in winter.) Plant the tree between the garage and the position the sun takes during the hottest part of the day. The tree’s leaves will provide welcome shade. (In winter, the bare branches will let sunlight through to provide warmth.)

Install a stationary vent on the roof. This is an inexpensive way to make an exit point for hot air trapped in the garage attic. Or, if you can spend more, install a mechanical exhaust system, in which fans will draw cooler air from the garage into the attic. This will cool the attic and also the space below.

Insulate the garage overhead door. For a metal garage door, add a layer of rigid insulation 2″ thick, attached to the inside of each panel using contact cement. Or, an insulated sectional overhead door is an ideal alternative.

Garage Makeover Series – Garage Floor Tutorial

by Julie

Hello everyone!

Okay! I have a lot of details to share on how I refinished the garage floors. Are you ready for a long read and lots of pictures? Get comfy and let’s get this tutorial started!

For those who are new to the garage makeover series, the first two post are below:

Garage Stairs and Mudroom Door Makeover

Garage Floors (Before & After)

Before starting any garage floor makeover, the garage must be cleared of everything. Yes, I know this is obvious, but I am saying it anyway. 😉 Depending on the size of your garage, how much space you wish to tackle at once, and how much stuff is inside your garage, you may want to rent a onsite storage pod to store your garage belongings. That is if you have no where else to place garage items. However, you can refinish the garage floors in sections. For instance, I have a three car garage and decided to refinish two of the three garage floors, first. After going through everything in all three garages, I was able to consolidate all leftover items into one garage. This left me with two garages ready for a makeover.

After the garage is empty, cleaning the floors is a must. I can not stress how important it is to clean and prep the garage floor before any painting takes place. Prep work is key to having the epoxy paint stick.

The garage floors were covered with saw dust, dirt, and over spray and needed a good vacuum. If you do not have a shop vac, a good thorough sweeping of the garage will suffice.

Using a shop vac to clean up saw dust, over spray and dirt.

Once I was done vacuuming, an inspection of the concrete was in order. I was looking for any cracks on the surface, as well within the contraction joints (see image below). There was no cracking on the surface of the concrete, but the seams (contraction joints) had some separation. I knew I would need to caulk the seams with concrete caulk. To my surprise, I found some caulk that is self leveling.

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